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About Us

Yesnafrah is a news and entertainment website. The website covers news in areas of Entertainments, Business, Politics, People, Showbiz, Sports, Motivations, Technology, Economy and many more.

We give the best content and connect with people all around the world especially in Ghana through our fast growing social media channels.  We focus on true and updated stories. We also bring the best in Entertainment through around the world entertainment news and funny videos.

Our site is updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week resulting in our impressive traffic growth accordingly.

In addition to reporting accurate facts Yesnafrah also publishes luscious rumors. All our stories and reports are meant for the sole purpose of informing and entertaining our readers.

Creating a friendly and entertaining social network which will keep our readers/viewers highly informed and entertained is our goal.

Our team is dedicated to writing and publishing stories and videos to keep our followers up to date with the world.

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