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8 year old shot and killed in Awutu Senya. 

An 8-year-old boy has been shot dead during a festival ritual in Awutu Bereku in the Awutu Senya West District…

Ho “21” freed following insufficient evidence.

Ho “21” freed following insufficient evidence. 

The Ho District High Court has acquitted and released 21 suspected LGBTQI activists arrested in May 2021.
Due to a lack of reasonable and sufficient evidence of prosecution, the court released the 21 suspects. The presiding judge in court held that the evidence before him did not meet the reasonable standards for prosecution.
These LGBTQI activists were arrested on May 21, 2021, on charges of organizing an illegal assembly to defend the LGBTQI movement in the Volta region.
They were subsequently charged with illegal assembly and the court presided over by Judge Yaw Owoahene Acheampong granted them bail.
The documents found by the court with the accused did not come from the participants, but from the hall of the event organizer.
The defendant denied being homosexual.
According to them, they were studying basic human rights in Chapter 5 of the 1992 Constitution and were in the legal assistant stage when they were detained by the police.
According to the organizers, the defendants are people living with HIV / AIDS and are learning to handle legal procedures as people living with HIV / AIDS.
The court held that the search for LGBTQI materials produced reasonable suspicions and that the arrest was carried out as a criminal proceeding, allowing arrests on suspicion, but not to suppress their rights.
Due to lack of sufficient evidence for the prosecution, the defendant was later released and the file archived. The suspects were made of 16 women and 5 men, aged between 20 and 35.

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