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Samuel Bravo to be featured on Forbes in 2020

Samuel Bravo to be featured on Forbes in 2020 

Multiple International award-winning filmmaker Samuel Bravo is set to be featured on Forbes come 2020.

This comes after the Forbes runner team lead by Trishtan Williams arrived in Ghana to feature the producer on his yet to be premiered movie titled ‘ECSTASY’ (Bury the Drugs Before They Bury You )

This is yet another achievement for Samuel Bravo after his invitation to USA by Author of the Truth Behind Micheal Jackson’s Child Molestation Allegation, (REDEMPTION) which is still yet to be filmed based on. Amazon Customer Care .

Samuel Bravo has been putting Ghana on the map with his latest and soon to be released movie titled ECSTASY.

The Ghanaian movie producer has been awarded with a Certificate as Member of International Society of Substance Use Professionals in Austria for his movie on substance abuse and addiction.

This puts him among great personalities like Prince Charlse, Joanna Travis Roberts, Thom Browne, Vivienne Evans, Prime Minister of Austria, Sue Thau amongst other great personalities.

Aside the above stated the film has gained 3 nominations from London Based CA Awards 2019, in the category of best movie, best female actress and best producer.

He was also adjudged the winner for Youth in Filmmaking at the Youth Excellence Awards which was held last month here in Accra.

Ecstasy (Bury the Drugs Before They Bury You) still seek sponsors as it readies to screen in over 500+ Cinemas World Wide.

You can contact the Filmmaker on his email address

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